There comes a certain age where you have to take over the responsibility of keeping yourself safe. Your parents did their part, the best they could and then you consumed the role. Now we do have a variety of safety measures all over; for the most part the things you see out in public are there due to safety. However we are evolving faster than we can keep up as far as safety goes. The way we get our information and the rate in which it comes to us, also the fact checkers are not there anymore and we haven’t learned how to do it for ourselves. It has become our responsibility over night almost and we’re not equipped to handle it.

These are our suggestions and tips on how to be a little more responsible with your own safety.

First and foremost you need to trust your gut. That gut feeling comes from the same place that automatically beats your heart. We have to learn to trust it. People will only share what they learned from their own experiences, they do not know your gut feeling.

Believe people when they show you who they are the first time. Again, trust your gut.

If you are going to do something that you haven’t done before share it with someone you trust. This has no age limit, and it can be either a hike on your own or with someone new. Give the information you have- when you’re leaving, and where you are going and when you believe you will be back. I know we all have devices now but things happen.

If you’re going to share something on line, is it something you’re going to be ok with living on forever. If you’re in a panic, and feeling reactive. Try to pause for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself do I really want this out there? Now if you’re responding to another comment, what are really doing? If someone says something that bothers you that badly, check yourself. I know it’s harder than it looks. People only react to what’s inside of themselves. This includes yourself and the person who posted something you didn’t like. How is this about safety? It’s the beginning stages of potential violence, reacting. Why even show up? Truthfully why even search for it?

The online safety thing is varied and the majority of us have no clue how to use it without putting ourselves in safety violation. It’s near impossible to keep your personal information off of it. As I mentioned earlier, the rate in which we interact is coming at us so fast and the amount is more than we’ll ever need.

Use common sense as a mother would say: “If it wouldn’t make me happy then don’t do it.”

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