May is Health Month here at Renovate Your Life.

This week is all about meditation.

I have been trying to practice this for years now. However what I have discovered is I’ve actually been doing it forever.

When I was a child, we prayed before our meals and before bedtime. We went to church fairly regularly. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the country on a family farm. Therefore, I was outside a lot and in fresh air with mother nature. I have always had a fascination and an appreciation for nature. I have always been able to feel the energies and the presence of something more than myself.

Unable to have the vocabulary as a child, I took up writing and expressing my feelings and trying to explain life. It’s something I am still working on and continue to practice today.

In the last few years I have discovered that mediation is really slowing down our thoughts and connecting to something more than we believe ourselves to be. The things we do, the things we say and what we see in the mirror.

In today’s society, it can seem impossible to do this and that’s why I believe it’s more important than ever to try to and reconnect to our true source.

Here is a guided meditation to help you sleep and relax.  Namaste.

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You MATTER and the World needs YOU!

Denise Hamel
Renovate Your Life

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