Are you currently in a relationship?

If so is what you thought it would be? Are you working at it or are you trying to figure a way out?

All to often we get trapped in a fairly tale we were told as youngster and we carry that with us into our adult relationships. However the other person you’re with did not hear the story the same way you did if they even heard it at all.

In most relationships we have this fantasy about how we think it should be, but what if I told you that the relationship really needs to break apart in order for it work…..

Unless you have open communication and are both working at it together then you are merely waiting for the other person to understand a story that you were told even before you could walk on your own.

What if I were to tell you that we are all broken from these stories, along the way we discovered that no everyone likes the same story as you do. We slowly break away these tales and as healing goes, it forms a layer over it to protect itself. Then it gets ripped off again and again and then you’re both in a relationship where both people are broken with their wounds pretending it’s all going to be ok. Because love has entered the picture you feel hope once again that this person will finally love you the way you believe you should be loved from your story.

However two broke people only end up breaking more things. Hurt people only go around trying to hurt others. Time will continue no matter what, you have to decide what it is you really want because chances are you both are just going through the process, you share a home together, sleep in the same bed, maybe and have children together. From the outside all looks picture perfect but you are still broken and as more time goes on, you resent the other for not helping you to heal and fix your brokenness but how can they when they are broken as well.

Are you just going through the motions or are you actively working at healing one another. We can only begin to heal when we feel we have a safe space to do so.

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