Who am I to block this blessing from being shared?
Are the blessings that are housed inside of me really mine?
Isn’t it better to give than to receive?
Why do I assume my blessings are not enough?
What if giving a gift outside of myself is actually doing the selfish thing.
Why do we think we have to purchase something to give?
Isn’t the best give really what’s inside of you?

Baby, those negative words do nothing for you they are only blocking your blessings. All those judgments you fling around and hit others.. who are you to be blocking someone else’s blessing from being shared. .. Listen to those whispers inside…slowly it will be louder and soon it will turn into music and then your song is playing everywhere.. you will be able to hear it everywhere and in everything..

Like a radio you are a particular station and only you are able to give on this station and the audience is infinite..everyone who needs it is waiting to hear your song. But all you have been doing is hiding, it’s like you’re holding the mute button down but that mute button is only on your radio not everyone else’s. They can still her your song but it’s not the one blessing one that’s waiting to come out. Your message and sound still go everywhere and to everyone but you are the only one who is holding the mute button our radio everyone else has theirs off and are waiting.

When I am doing something I love no matter the glory or the lack of it why would I ever stop doing it?

Stop needing more than what you’ve already been given.

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