Have you ever had to create a resume and look for work? Of course.

Most of us have had to search for a job, at one time or another. We updated our resume to add our new experiences, new qualifications and learned skills to made it look pretty. Everything is in a certain order and we maybe even added a few exaggerated details that would help us to get the position we desired.

But really, are we really applying for something we want to do in the first place? Now it’s completely fine to have a job help fund your dream, but you have to be awake to that notion in the first place. If you aren’t, you will dread every day and pick up habits to help numb the pain of doing something everyday that you don’t want to do.

I know when I work with someone it does not matter where they went to school, or when. What does matter is, that I can work with them. Does their personality match the desire career choice? Do they play nice with others.? Can I trust them to have my best interest at heart?

How many times have you been somewhere and wondered how that person got the job they’re doing? Or, who would put them in a position to help the public when they clearly have no desire to be there. Some people just don’t have customer service skills. Some can’t communicate with the public, let alone be nice.

Seriously, how does one hire someone with great customer service skills from a resume that is filled with academic rewards?

I prefer to meet people from where they are and to have an honest conversation about where they want to go. It’s great to know where you’ve been, but I much prefer to know your future aspirations.

For me, if I know these things I can easily hire someone and put that person in a position that will help them gain the necessary skills required for your future goals, whether with my organization or not. I can also know that you will be working at my company without any regrets.

Some businesses tell you that they have an open door policy and are approachable for whatever. But if you’ve ever used this and quickly discovered that they don’t have time. Then this policy is actually only for show and holds no value at all. And, if this is how the top leads, then you know the others will follow.

Here is someone I admire speaking about EQ. I am a strong believer in this, especially if you have to work with people. Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence level) ? Have you ever heard of EQ?

How to create a resume to showcase you and your values with the openness for the future.

Four sections :

Gifts – this is where you showcase your qualifications, the things you’ve done, different positions you carried out etc.

I am – here is where you share those beautiful talents you have. The skills you’ve mastered etc.

Desires – This is a good one, this one tells me what you like to do in the workforce, here it displays all those things you wished you could do more of.

Hobbies – this is where you put down those things you love to do when you have free time, the things that put a smile on your face etc.

Here’s to changing how we value ourselves and putting the workforce on notice to change with the times.

What is your view on this topic? All comments appreciated.

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