Our bodies are Nature

“No matter what has happened in your life,you have the power to change what that experience means to you and thus change your experience, both emotionally and physically. Therein lies your power to heal.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D.

You MATTER and the World needs YOU!

Here are two blogs that explain why you should eat the colors of the rainbow.

You MATTER and the World needs YOU!

Denise Hamel
Renovate Your Life

She never really wanted me, she was a teen when she found out she was pregnant with me. So like any teenager, you’re scared, you feel like you’re alone, and that all your dreams are over. You finally have someone/something to blame for things not going your way.

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524999_10151017475031115_381424739_nHonour yourself by starting your day with a healthy option..
something that will nourish you.
Here I have put together an egg keesh with zucchini & melted cheese on top. A side of fresh fruit and a fresh juice to wash down the goodness.
You are worth it, you deserve it.

So many times we rush the beginning of our day. We rush down a coffee, rush out the door with some prepared item we’re still chewing on. Then jump in our vehicle and race to work. Spend our day inside facing a box and then race home and do it all over again.

I say slow down and take your time. What are you really rushing around for? Are you in a hurry to get off earth?

Wake up and begin with gratitude & grace. Take the time to enjoy some real food that will truly nourish you. You will feel better, begin to look better, less aches and pains. Have more energy to do the other things you really love.

Thank you is prayer enough.

Thank you.