When you are broken and are frozen
in fear among the cracks of your life.
It is in those cracks where faith resides,
in the cracks where you can see the light,
and where you can finally breathe.
In faith, light fills and repairs the cracks,
a rainbow appears in the tears of hope
with the love that’s in your heart.
You are never alone.
I too live in the cracks with the light,
in the Love with God.
You are never alone.

It’s through the brokenness that we live, we cannot stay preserved behind glass and live life. We must live among the cracks, let in some air, let in  the light. Why even focus on the brokenness? Instead put your focus on the space that is open now. The space where the light is, what if there’s nothing to put back together? No one is perfect, we are all broken and this is a good thing. Beware of the one who tells you to put yourself back together. I am telling you that with the grace of the divine, faith that we are all cracked, flawed so perfectly that we are all ‘normal’ there’s nothing wrong with you, with anyone. Be weary of  the one who tells you the opposite, they are denying their own flaws, their own cracks among their life and are trying to pass their fears onto you. You are loved just as you are.

Why do we focus on what’s being broken? Why do we fear breaking?
What if we are to focus on the space in between?
Love, life exists in the space among the light.
What if we are meant to live our life breaking things?
That is where the real beauty lives, that is where living a full life is all about.
If you could love the space in between the brokenness, and not be afraid of it.To not have to hide, to not have to wait for all the pieces to be healed but instead relishing in the glory of the light. This removes the fear of breaking things…this is what living out loud is all about.

Isn’t it time? Are you ready? I am.

When you do a renovation you must break things.

Ok nothing we ever do is a mistake, it’s a sign, an opportunity to see things in a different light and maybe even a possibility to learn something new. To expand your mind not close it more and ignore what has just happened around you. Most would prefer to close their eyes and hope it’s over by the time they open their eyes again. But I know better. I have just finished watching a short program on a polygamy farm near a small town that i lived near. I found it kind of disturbing and hard to watch. I want to believe we all have love in our hearts and would only want whats best for the next human we meet. But not all understand in the same time as the other person. I had to step back from the story and allow it to sink for a bit. Yes it is wrong to what I believe in, it makes me uncomfortable and sad for those who were involved. It could have been me…it could have been any number of people I know and maybe there is someone still in it that I know. Read more