The world, in my mind, experienced a great tragedy on Friday December 14th, 2012, when we lost too many young lives in a school within a matter of minutes. At the time, I was actually numb from it all and became swept up in everyone else’s emotions of the event.

I consider myself a fairly calm and loving person but when this happened, and the only energy that was around was one of great loss and anger, I must admit that I too became that way for a while. I had remembered back a few years ago when another terrible story hit mainstream news and I was actually able to feel love for the person that pulled the trigger. I know that may seem a little out there and you may stop reading from here on but hear me out. I ask that you please continue. I have had time to process this story a bit and have come back to myself. Read more

She never really wanted me, she was a teen when she found out she was pregnant with me. So like any teenager, you’re scared, you feel like you’re alone, and that all your dreams are over. You finally have someone/something to blame for things not going your way.

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