The world, in my mind, experienced a great tragedy on Friday December 14th, 2012, when we lost too many young lives in a school within a matter of minutes. At the time, I was actually numb from it all and became swept up in everyone else’s emotions of the event.

I consider myself a fairly calm and loving person but when this happened, and the only energy that was around was one of great loss and anger, I must admit that I too became that way for a while. I had remembered back a few years ago when another terrible story hit mainstream news and I was actually able to feel love for the person that pulled the trigger. I know that may seem a little out there and you may stop reading from here on but hear me out. I ask that you please continue. I have had time to process this story a bit and have come back to myself. Read more

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner” – Lao Tzu

It is so true. It has taken me most of my life so far to even be able to fully understand it. I have been searching and using everyone else in my life as an excuse for not being able to understand it and not being able to fully understand the need for my own self care towards myself. I have always looked to others to fill my cup. I have looked to others to make me happy. No wonder I hadn’t been in any good relationships. Well maybe just one, but he was a strong character and honestly, I would now call him a good sales person. He sold me on everything…until my heart got broke. I now realize  that it was just what I needed and today I am grateful for it all.  The other relationship, I would have to say, saved my soul in so many ways, is my child, my only son. He saved me from myself in so many ways, not sure if I even understand fully just yet how much. He’s my biggest blessing to date. He allowed me feel real love, to be able to give unconditional love. Read more