Have you ever not been picked for a team or have you ever not had your idea heard?
Remember how that feels…That is how all the inspiring ideas you have feel.
They are a part of you and this bully inside your head gets its way all the time or so it seems.

Your hopes and dreams are there for a reason, they are part of your inner being. They live at your core and how do we treat them?When was the last time you actually listened to them? If ever?

I have heard mine for years but the bully always seems to get its way and shuts them down.
I like to think of myself as a kind compassionate person who loves to give everyone a break but I have yet to actually act on it myself.

I think it maybe time to let my dreams take the lead. It sure feels better when I do, my body dances with joy being allowed to just play. Creating is the normal, thinking outside the box. There’s no more talking, it’s all just singing, music fills my ears and love comforts me.

Yeah, again why haven’t I allowed them to come out and be heard? The opposite is no fun and it can actually be quite painful.How can we be addicted to the pain? Is that the way we believe we are actually alive?What bullshit that is. That is the way we have been controlled.. remember comply and protect.Enough already. I think I am wanting to hear what my dreams really have to say.

Are you listening to yours?

Ok nothing we ever do is a mistake, it’s a sign, an opportunity to see things in a different light and maybe even a possibility to learn something new. To expand your mind not close it more and ignore what has just happened around you. Most would prefer to close their eyes and hope it’s over by the time they open their eyes again. But I know better. I have just finished watching a short program on a polygamy farm near a small town that i lived near. I found it kind of disturbing and hard to watch. I want to believe we all have love in our hearts and would only want whats best for the next human we meet. But not all understand in the same time as the other person. I had to step back from the story and allow it to sink for a bit. Yes it is wrong to what I believe in, it makes me uncomfortable and sad for those who were involved. It could have been me…it could have been any number of people I know and maybe there is someone still in it that I know. Read more

May is Health Month here at Renovate Your Life.

This week is all about meditation.

I have been trying to practice this for years now. However what I have discovered is I’ve actually been doing it forever.
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