Why do we keep rushing time?

I know it may seem like an odd question but really most people complain the most about other than the weather probably. And these are clearly two things we have zero control over. Why do we keep putting this type of pressure onto ourselves?

Most people can’t even sleep Sunday nights due to the fact that they have to get up the next morning and go to work. I was one of these people myself. I would toss and turn all night. Stay up late because of something I believed I wanted to watch on television but honestly I had probably seen the show more than once already. I was trying to some how put in time. Then monday would roll along and my dreaded work week would begin.

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Every night or day (depending on what shift I was working), I would come home from work and crash. I would need to then dig deep and get supper ready, help with homework, clean the house and do the endless chores. I was a single mother at the time as well, therefore all the responsiblities came to me.  I had no one else to lean on or to ask for help. I would try to find distractions to help pass the time. Thinking and hoping that when Friday would come, all would magically be better. Everything seemed to be a little more rosey when Friday’s came. More people wore a smile on their face and shared a laugh.

However when Friday rolled around and the excitement drew, how do you put the breaks on and enjoy the weekend? You had taken five days to get it rolling and all of the sudden you wanted it to stop and just crawl. Very hard to do. Instead, it builds up all the strength from the work week and before we figure out how to slow it down, it’s gone. Monday is now upon us and it seems like it’s started to slow down but now we are in the dreaded work week again. How does this happen?

What a terrible feeling to not enjoy your time.

We’re all on a merry-go-round and we are scared to get off of it. We think we know how but fear creeps in. We think we need to know all the answers before we try it. We think we need to know how no one will ever get hurt. We convince ourselves that we are doing it for someone else. We say we don’t want to hurt anyone therefore it’s ok for us to torture ourselves.

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