Hi, my name is Denise Hamel and I have been helping people find a more inspiring life. I have more than 10-years experience assisting others to find their own happiness. My approach is one from love and being straight forward. I may tell you something that may seem difficult to hear but it will be given in a way that you know it is delivered with love. I will help you to see a different way, let me be another set of eyes for you towards your own dreams.

I will listen to your hopes and dreams and continue to hear what you believe is to be your obstacle, blocking your path to enlightenment.

Together we can uncover new possibilities towards your happiness. Believing that dreams can indeed come true.

I will give you homework to do in between our sessions. I believe action is always required to make a real lasting change. The steps taken will be determined by your sense of commitment to you.

Are you living your life for someone else? Are you living someone else’s dream? Let’s take back your control and steer you in the direction of your dreams. You too can do it.

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