with a side of…

Skill - Easy
Cost - Under $20.00
Taste - Delicious

What you need

2 eggs
Sundried Tomatoes
Salt & Pepper

Frying Pan with a lid

The Process

Slice mushrooms
Finely chop spinach
Chip sundried tomaotoes
Cut feta into cubes
Take sliced mushrooms and put into buttered frying pan.
Whip 2 eggs into a bowl and pour into frying pan.
Season eggs with salt and pepper
Place lid on frying pan

When the eggs are partially cooked add chopped sundried tomatoes and spinach to frying pan.
Place lid back on.

When they are finished cooking add chopped feta to the top and fold over egg.

Remove from pan and plate.

You can add salsa to the top of eggs. And add tomatoes and avocado on the plate for fun.
It not only looks good but tastes delicious.

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