You deserve better, not from others but from yourself. You are the one who can make yourself feel better, you are the one who can give yourself what you truely need. You are the one who understands your true desires, your hopes and wishes.

You know how you want to feel and what you deserve to be.
Inside the RYL Workbook you will find a daily guide that you will transform all branches of your life into one you use to only dream about.

Set yourself up for the best you can be. Your way for you.
This is a year long program to create change in twelve branches of your life. Where each month you will create and reinforce new habits to live the life you have always dreamed of.
Be part of a caring community, begin living your future vision. Become an example of your best self. In life we need a plan, we need to know where we are going and why. This Workbook helps you to answer these questions. We all need to grow.


It’s time to put yourself first.

  • Price: $ 39.95 CAD
    Workbook to create real change in your life.