I heard this question the other day, “do we lack social skills today?” Everyone is probably wondering the samething especially if you’re over a certain age. The way we communicate and interact with each other is constantly changing. Good or bad I don’t really think it matters, it’s all on how you look things. As with many things it can be used for good or bad, it all comes down to the user.

This month is all about Social. We feel it’s an important branch in our lives. It’s necessary to evolve and grow beyond what we were yesterday. It’s the way we communicate and share,.We share to others to help one another but somewhere along the way we end up using it for showing off. Which can be beneficial but again it all depends on the user.

What is being social to you? That is the better question here. We don’t have all the answers here, we just want to shine a little light on a few different things that maybe you haven’t thought of before. Our little light are just sparks and they either take or they don’t the choice is yours.

Are you an outgoing person who needs to be in the light? Are you walking into other people’s light or are you able to bring your own. This is quite common in social settings, you will notice some seem to stand out more than others. They are just more in their own light which can be authentic confidence in knowing who they are and the direction they are going in life or it’s full of, well you know what. Which one are you drawn to? Chances are you drawn to the one you are more alike. Ouch, that one hurt a little.

I myself have noticed this over the years out and about in social settings and although I noticed those who seem to have great confidence, I ended up with the others. And it’s in this very moment that I understand why. I had not yet discovered my own self worth, therefore I didn’t have much value to put into anything.

Remember no one can pull you down if they are ahead of you. In other words, if someone is trying to pull you down, it’s because they are behind you. If you want to help them, then it’s a hand up, never let anyone pull you down.

We’ve all heard that saying, you are who you hang out with. I agree with this, but I am the one who needs to change. And sometimes it’s not enough to want to hang out with different people. We have to become who we want to hang out with first. Or in the very least know the direction you want to be going in.

Are you only social online? Are you socializing in person? Do you socialize sober or do you need something?

All this month we will share different ways to go past your comfort zone when it comes to being social.

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