We spend most of our waking hours at work, away from our homes, working for someone else.

It is in our workspace that we are rewarded the most. It’s where we get told we are doing a good job, or not, where we will get our ego’s stroked with promotions, and pay raises. During those hours we are typically at our best. We start our days by preparing for our job. Shower, get cleaned up. Heck, it’s the reason we wake up. We look our best, we act our best – for work. No wonder then that our friendships and love affairs begin at work.

Have you ever fantasized about someone at work? Stood by the office water cooler and gossiped about someone else? Perhaps hooked up, maybe even during business hours? Do you go to social events with co-workers? Are you obligated to attend social events for your job? There are team building events everywhere these days. It seems like everyone wants us to be family. I don’t know about you but, I don’t always get along with my family.

Getting along at work can sometimes be confusing. Some will take advantage of kindness, and it may be for a personal gain. Who can you trust? I have seen this time and time again. Someone thinks they are budding a new relationship, when in fact it’s their job to be nice to you and treat you well. You are paying them for a service, don’t get it twisted.

Did you meet your friends at work? Your partner? Did it come at a cost of losing some friends from your past? Did it cost you a marriage?

It’s great to have things in common outside of work and to be able to have the shared experience of working at the same place, but here’s the flip side of that coin. Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone you trusted? People can be different when it comes to money and the thought of power.

If a new position comes up at work do you drop the friendship to fight for it?

There are so many things we could talk about when it comes to relationships and the workforce. The workplace has its woes and misguided friendships and budding romances, but what we have to remember is that it is up to us to decide where we work, how we act at work and whether or not we get swept up in the B.S.

Knowing your own value is a key component. Do you know yours? Are you selling out your friends or yourself? If you move, do your friendships come with you or will they diminish in the distance?

What’s your value? Have you ever had a bad work relationship experience that you would like to share?

Have you ever had to create a resume and look for work? Of course.

Most of us have had to search for a job, at one time or another. We updated our resume to add our new experiences, new qualifications and learned skills to made it look pretty. Everything is in a certain order and we maybe even added a few exaggerated details that would help us to get the position we desired.

But really, are we really applying for something we want to do in the first place? Now it’s completely fine to have a job help fund your dream, but you have to be awake to that notion in the first place. If you aren’t, you will dread every day and pick up habits to help numb the pain of doing something everyday that you don’t want to do.

I know when I work with someone it does not matter where they went to school, or when. What does matter is, that I can work with them. Does their personality match the desire career choice? Do they play nice with others.? Can I trust them to have my best interest at heart?

How many times have you been somewhere and wondered how that person got the job they’re doing? Or, who would put them in a position to help the public when they clearly have no desire to be there. Some people just don’t have customer service skills. Some can’t communicate with the public, let alone be nice.

Seriously, how does one hire someone with great customer service skills from a resume that is filled with academic rewards?

I prefer to meet people from where they are and to have an honest conversation about where they want to go. It’s great to know where you’ve been, but I much prefer to know your future aspirations.

For me, if I know these things I can easily hire someone and put that person in a position that will help them gain the necessary skills required for your future goals, whether with my organization or not. I can also know that you will be working at my company without any regrets.

Some businesses tell you that they have an open door policy and are approachable for whatever. But if you’ve ever used this and quickly discovered that they don’t have time. Then this policy is actually only for show and holds no value at all. And, if this is how the top leads, then you know the others will follow.

Here is someone I admire speaking about EQ. I am a strong believer in this, especially if you have to work with people. Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence level) ? Have you ever heard of EQ?

How to create a resume to showcase you and your values with the openness for the future.

Four sections :

Gifts – this is where you showcase your qualifications, the things you’ve done, different positions you carried out etc.

I am – here is where you share those beautiful talents you have. The skills you’ve mastered etc.

Desires – This is a good one, this one tells me what you like to do in the workforce, here it displays all those things you wished you could do more of.

Hobbies – this is where you put down those things you love to do when you have free time, the things that put a smile on your face etc.

Here’s to changing how we value ourselves and putting the workforce on notice to change with the times.

What is your view on this topic? All comments appreciated.

Are you that person who hates Sunday night because you know the whole rat race begins again tomorrow? Do you groan in the morning when that alarm goes off, because you are dreading the day ahead? You know that quote – “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build their’s” – so yeah.. are you working for your dreams or someone else’s?

Not everyone is cut out to be a CEO of their own business, and that is not what I mean here. If you are working for someone else, that is perfectly fine – as long as that is what fulfills you and makes you happy. You will spend on the average of 90,000 hours in your lifetime at work – so don’t you think it is time that you reflected on a few things?

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you feel you are “living the dream?”
  2. Are you being respected and made to feel worthwhile at work?
  3. Does your job fulfill you?
  4. Do you love it or are you just ‘satisfied’.
  5. Are you being paid your worth?
  6. Do you look forward to work most days?
  7. Did you choose a career path for the money?
  8. Are you changing jobs frequently?
  9. Do you feel empty inside?
  10. Do you enjoy your co-workers/colleagues?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then Congratulations!! If you work in a job that completely fulfills and completes you, then guess what? Your employer is funding your dream! Isn’t that the cat’s meow. You get paid to do something you love doing!

But, if you answered “no” to most of these questions, then perhaps it is time to sit back and reflect on what you need to do. I know, “easier said than done”, but it all begins with coming up with solutions and going from there. Make an exit plan, take courses, pursue your dreams. Be the boss of YOU!

As many of you know I’ve worked many different jobs. Some enjoyable and some not so much. And there were times I lost sight of my own dreams that’s for sure. Thankfully the Universe knows what’s best for me. It forced me, it nudged me out of some places and made me so uncomfortable I had no choice but to leave my job.

What I have learned is not to lose sight of me. I am as equally important as anyone else and I deserve to live in bliss, while at work and home. What I have realized is that when I lose sight of that, my life seems difficult and I try to compensate by taking on unhealthy habits to try and numb the pain.. Oh there will be excuses and people and situations to put the blame on. But ultimately it’s my fault. It’s my fault for not trusting myself, it’s my fault for allowing someone to dictate my life back to me.

I have had to learn over and over again that I control my own worth. No one gets to tell me my value. They may have an opinion, but I do not have to accept it. It’s when you don’t know your own value that you will accept someone else’s.

So if you must work for someone else do it with pride and remember to do it with self-pride. Know your value. You have nothing to prove to anyone – just yourself. Stand up for what you believe in and believe in yourself. If someone is not seeing your real worth, it has nothing to do with you it’s how they see their own value within themselves. Go back…way back.. what did you want to be when you grew up? Start building your dream – life is too short.

” Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what make you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive” – Howard Thurman

I quit! I resigned from my job.

I actually was a little nicer about it than that, but I did it anyways.

Working for someone else, gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself ..again. I realized that I am more than they could offer me. I am that person who notices and calls out the things that are not working properly, as I am one who prefers to work efficiently. However, I am also not the one to just complain about it without having a solution. Just like many other places before this one, they were not ready to make the necessary changes and I had no choice but to leave.

When it comes to any work I always consider the customer first and foremost and to me, a customer is potentially anybody and that includes all employees.

When you first arrive at a new job, you can quickly notice how the leader is, just by the way the staff acts. You can see how long people stay and why they stay. Once you’re inside the circle of being one of them you soon see the true colours. You hear what is never said in front of the paying customers. The complaints, the concerns and the little whispers of help that are too dim to be noticed. What an employee says about working where they do says a lot about the leadership and the values of the organization.

I was reminded of my own values at this particular place, I was reminded that I have some and that they are good ones. I was reminded not to just listen to the words spoken, but to witness the actions taken. The actions of those who have been lead thus far.

We are being reflected back no matter where we are in the world and no matter what it is that we are doing. What you notice is inside of you. Whether you see it in a person or a company, you can only ever notice it because it’s in you to begin with.

It’s to wake you up to change and heal it.

As women we are cultivated as little girls to surrender to our male encounters. We are shown repetitively to never express self-pride, but to cheer on the boys who will grow into a man. As they are also only ever able to show anger as an acceptable emotion. This is the beginning of women searching for our value outside of ourselves. This is where we allow the outside world to determine our worth and to silence those of us who declare more for ourselves.

Ladies, we must learn, come together as a sisterhood to support one another in growing our value system. Stop asking for permission, stop chasing a seat at the table…build your own. Set the standards and be the example you wish you saw when you were that little girl. There is one right now staring at you wondering what you will do next.

When you are wanting to change your life, are you also changing your environment?
What does your home say about you?
What about your transformation to and from work?
Your workplace, is it a place you enjoy?

Taking a look at these is very important. If you are wanting to stop an addiction you remove the addiction from your life. But what about as you change yourself, you age as times goes on do you also change the environment around you?

We all go through changes in our lives, but what can you change? Are you holding onto things out of guilt or pressure from family and friends? Are you keeping things in your life just out of habits?

I love changing my own environment and I think it is one of the key factors in creating lasting change in your life. First is to assess your home, the space around you. If you like it, then move on. If not then you must figure out what it is that you really want in your life. Does the space around you lift you up and make you happy? If not, then list the things you want for your home.

I have always moved, and transformed my space around me to suite my needs at the time. I am not afraid to get rid of things but I also keep the things I love and use. Most of the things in my home have multiple purposes. I love function and being efficient and always keeping in mind safety. And lastly beauty, the space will look beautiful because it works for my life today, not twenty years ago.

Create lasting change in your life by creating the space you want to be in. Stop avoiding your life and live your life today.

All this month we are sharing our home.
We are sharing how we live. What keeping a home means to us.

Welcome to our home.
All this month I am sharing my home & how we live in it. How I deal with clutter & staying organized, storage solutions.
I am talking about our environment & why it’s so important, how it sets up for success in our life or tears us down.

When I talk about environment, it means more to me than what we normally think of and this thing we need to save and yes I know it’s important and does need us to help it out and yes we do need to care more about it but we also need to look at the immediate environment that surrounds us. I am talking about our home the building in which you live in as well as your work place and even including your car or how you get to work.

We’ve all heard you are the result of the five people who hang around with the most but I am also saying you are the result of your immediate environment as well.

If you start your day hitting the snooze button and over sleeping every day and when you do get up you struggle to find the things you need to get out the door quickly, then we can all agree on that you are not starting your day very successfully. Success to me means, success in life not just in business and money. But success for your own life.

All this month I will share how my husband and I share our home. How we keep things neat and organized and safe for all. ( I am big on safety)

I never use to be like this. I actually grew up quite the opposite and perhaps that’s why I am like that now. It took me some time to get it and there are still days I struggle with it. Yes the laundry piles up, and the sink gets filled with dishes, and there are even days where I can’t find something I need. But thankfully I have more good days.

I also love having my space being fully functionable for me and my family. The space has to work for how we are going to use it. I have changed living rooms into bedrooms, and bedrooms into closets.

I have set up over twenty homes from a sprawling ranch bungalow to an upper condo, and basement apartments. Reorganized multiple business in a variety of industries to become more efficient and make more money.

Creating a home that rises to greet you as soon as you open the door, being welcomed with the first few steps inside. Having your space work for you, having the security of knowing it is safe but also looks beautiful. Your home needs to be a reflection of who you are. If you want to change your life, start with your environment. Welcome.

Do you feel like you’re downing in debt and can’t catch your breath? Has this been going on for a long time? Are you life lines being cut off? Do you fear homelessness? It seems most of us are living on the edge and just one paycheck away from being on the streets. It can happen to just about anybody.

I take this topic very seriously and I know there’s no quick fix but I know there is a fix. This is why I create Renovate-Your Life in the first place. To not only give hope and a pray but to help set up yourself for who you really want to become. We are not our circumstances, that is what happens to us when are striving to become a better version of us. Life is not all roses, and happy times, no, life is not a fairy tale. We need the balance to help remind us which direction we need to be going in. Life is working for us not against us.

Sometimes hanging on is all we can do but you have to be hanging onto something that is worth it. You my dear are worth it.

We have become a world in search of something but get distracted by what someone else wants me to see. This is why so many are lost. I say look up, look up to the light, look up to the eyes that are looking at you. See the smile from that one person who truely loves you. You matter and losing money is not the end of the world, it’s just an ending in a chapter of book that has many more chapters. Notice the things that money cannot buy. Start by looking in the mirror and see the mirror you are.

What really is money?
Money is just a tool and it magnifies who you really are.
I believe this to be true and it makes me completely understand why not many are actually happy with the amount they have. It completely makes sense that not many are rich. It’s as if we really know this to be true but complain about it as much as we can.

The more money you have the more you are exposed.
Not many of us really want to be too exposed. And this could also be the reason why even more complain and point out the flaws of those who do have money.

Do you really want more money? Are you ready to be exposed as much as you are wishing for? We are the ones who actually give it it’s power. Without use it is meaningless.
Think about it, what makes it grow are zero’s which are empty.

We only spend our money on how we see ourselves. Another way of putting this is what we “Pay” our attention onto. We are spending our attention like it doesn’t matter.
Take an inventory of your life. What would you like to change? Are you happy where you are? Do you spend your attention with intention or are you doing so in a fog?
Look at your life seriously, how much longer can you keep going on like this?
What’s your money really saying about you?

As I shared last week in Steps 8 and 9, we found more money. All too often we stay stuck in fear and forget that we have other options. And debt is one of those examples that cripples us in fear and we do nothing other than worry. Which stresses us out, put strains on our work, and can damage relationships that can last a lifetime.
I wanted to shine a light on some new ways we can add value to our lives and to show you where the money is.

Picking up extra shifts at work is one of the first things, if you have a job if not get your ass out there and get one. Are you able to do something part time on top of your regular employment?

I love this exercise:
Take 15 minutes to do this.
Make a list of all the things you’re good at.
All the things you love to do.
Anything you have talent in.
I mean Everything. This includes walking, if you can.
Look at that list, give yourself a pat on the back. There’s more than you thought.
Now from this list, what can do right away to make more money?

What can you can do in your community that will bring you more money? Every little bit helps.
Is there something that you already have that you can use to actually make you more money? Like a sewing machine; where you can sew for other people? Do you have a kitchen; maybe you could cook for others. Use what you have.
Get out and see where you can be useful. Is there a local community center near that you ask.

Here are some more ideas:
Sell what you do not need or use. Clothing, electronics, furniture. You can sell online or in person.
Have a yard sale and sell the belongings you have that you don’t use.
Downsize your home into something that fits your current income. Why are you keeping a home you cannot afford? Coming home to a place that causes you stress isn’t worth it.
Get rid of the big car, you can find one without payments.

When shopping check out your local thrift store only if there’s something you need. Or see if you can get it for free. Maybe someone is getting rid of that thing you say you need.
When grocery shopping try to do so in bulk. Price match and use coupons when available.
You can even share with a friend – this is where you buy the bigger bulk items and split it as the stores sometimes sell them at a lower price.
Get creative in the kitchen, learn new recipes. Host or go to a pot-luck dinner where everyone brings something to share. Share recipes with others. Get the family involved. Let someone help.
Reuse when at all possible, stop using dishes that you just throw away. Stop using the dishwasher.
Did you know that in some areas your electricity costs more during peak hours. Do your laundry in the off peak hours. And hang up your clothes if at all possible.
Turn down your heat if you’re paying for it. Put on a sweater and an extra blanket at night when sleeping.
Do a clothing swap if you need to change your wardrobe, this is great for business attire and kids clothes if they don’t wreck them first. Purchasing kids clothes is great to do at a thrift store, they’ll grow out of it so quickly anyways.
Maybe you can find someone to trade with. If you need some help with repairs, or if you have extra of something trade with someone else in your community.
Ask if around, if you need something chances are someone may be wanting to get rid of the very thing you need.

We’ve all come through difficult times. And money is one of those things we are still learning about. They teach us how to count when we are in school but nothing about money. Having money issues is the leading cause for relationship issues, health issues, and so on. You are not your circumstances, you are the result of some choices you made along the way and those choices can be changed. You can come out of this and on the other side is a brighter side to life. Taking control over your money and finding more of it is just one way to help you along your journey.

Oh and don’t forget to check the sofa…

Here are 10 steps to get you out of debt and on the right track towards your dreams

Step 1
write down the amount you made last year and subtract the what you have today in the bank account. Take a look at that number. You have to know the truth.

Step 2
Print off the last 3 months of your banking transactions.

Step 3
Write down all the income you’ve brought in and add them up.

Step 4
a) hi-light all the restaurants you spent money on.
b) hi-light in a different colour all the food you spent money on. * this is ONLY grocery money *
c) hi-light in a different colour necessities (ie: toilet paper, shampoo, tissues, feminine products)
d) hi-light in a different colour auto payments that come out every month
e) Add up each colour for each month and divide by 3 – this is your average.
Do you spend more than you make?

Step 5
Outstanding debt never makes anyone feel good.
a) Make a list of all the outstanding debt you have.
b) in one column write out the amount owing
c) second column write out the monthly payments
d) third column write down the interest rates

I know this may seem overwhelming but don’t give up. With everything in life those things that need change first need us to change and we need to adjust and that can be uncomfortable.
Life is not suppose to be comfortable.
First thing is to really look at this and see exactly what it is you’re dealing with. And know this, once you look at it, you don’t ever have to be there again. Everything you do is a choice and how you spend you money is just another choice.

Step 6
This is the Plan
Add up all of your outstanding debt. You want to be sure you’re making all your minimum payments and then the extra money you’re working for will go towards the amount that is the smallest.
Then once you have this one paid off, celebrate without spending money. Then the money you are putting towards it will then be going to the next outstanding debt. This is called snowballing your debt.

Contact the companies and tell them your plan and when you will be making your payments. You want to be working with them. You may negotiate for a lower amount depending on how much you owe and for how long it’s been. Sometimes this works but not always. They may want a lump sum so be prepared.
Call all the auto payments including your credit card and see about lowering your interest rate.

Step 7
Cut the FAT (Frivolous Actions Taken) This is where we need to trim up. Cancel anything you do not really need. Television, cell phones, cars etc. Anything that you do not really need. Get rid of it.

Step 8
Find More Money
This is where you are going find more money. Now if you’ve cut as much as possible and you’re still short then you have to increase your income.
Can you pick up extra shifts at work? Can you do a part time job on the side? Is there papers that need to be delivered in your area.
Here’s where the money is:
Take 15 minutes to do this.
Make a list of all the things you’re good at.
All the things you love to do.
Anything you have talent in.
I mean Everything. This includes walking, if you can.
Look at that list, give yourself a pat on the back. There’s more than you thought.

Step 9
Let’s find even more money.
Here’s some ideas:
Sell what you do not need or use. Clothing, electronics, furniture. You can sell online or in person.
Have a yard sale and sell the belongings you have that you don’t use.
Downsize your home into something that fits your current income.
Get rid of the big car, you can find one without payments. Sell it.
When shopping check out your local thrift store only if there’s something you need.
When grocery shopping try to do so in bulk. Price match and use coupons when available.

Step 10
You have a clear vision about what’s real when it comes to your money.
Now I am going to add one more here.
You also need an Emergency Fund!
I am serious. I’m sure your eyes just got really big and doubt crept back in. But hear me out. This is your own personal cushion and the just in case. This comes before you pay off your debts. You make your regular minimum payments but you put the extra you make into an Emergency Fund. At least until it gets to $1000.00. After you pay off your debt then your Emergency Fund should be 6 months worth of your expenses. Now that number’s a lot bigger.
This is ONLY for EMERGENCIES . Think about it, if your car needs repair and you need your car to get to work, what do you do?
You need to have the Fund and get it quickly.
You know the amounts, everything is written down and all payments are visible and set up to paid on time and for the correct amounts. You have additional sources of revenue coming and you have let go of things that were holding you back.