I quit! I resigned from my job.

I actually was a little nicer about it than that, but I did it anyways.

Working for someone else, gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself ..again. I realized that I am more than they could offer me. I am that person who notices and calls out the things that are not working properly, as I am one who prefers to work efficiently. However, I am also not the one to just complain about it without having a solution. Just like many other places before this one, they were not ready to make the necessary changes and I had no choice but to leave.

When it comes to any work I always consider the customer first and foremost and to me, a customer is potentially anybody and that includes all employees.

When you first arrive at a new job, you can quickly notice how the leader is, just by the way the staff acts. You can see how long people stay and why they stay. Once you’re inside the circle of being one of them you soon see the true colours. You hear what is never said in front of the paying customers. The complaints, the concerns and the little whispers of help that are too dim to be noticed. What an employee says about working where they do says a lot about the leadership and the values of the organization.

I was reminded of my own values at this particular place, I was reminded that I have some and that they are good ones. I was reminded not to just listen to the words spoken, but to witness the actions taken. The actions of those who have been lead thus far.

We are being reflected back no matter where we are in the world and no matter what it is that we are doing. What you notice is inside of you. Whether you see it in a person or a company, you can only ever notice it because it’s in you to begin with.

It’s to wake you up to change and heal it.

As women we are cultivated as little girls to surrender to our male encounters. We are shown repetitively to never express self-pride, but to cheer on the boys who will grow into a man. As they are also only ever able to show anger as an acceptable emotion. This is the beginning of women searching for our value outside of ourselves. This is where we allow the outside world to determine our worth and to silence those of us who declare more for ourselves.

Ladies, we must learn, come together as a sisterhood to support one another in growing our value system. Stop asking for permission, stop chasing a seat at the table…build your own. Set the standards and be the example you wish you saw when you were that little girl. There is one right now staring at you wondering what you will do next.

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